Monday, September 19, 2016

Econz Wireless Web Portal Update Sept. 19, 2016

Econz Wireless is very pleased to announce the following updates to our Web Portal!

  1. GPS Location Report is now showing the specific task the employees selected, so this will be very valuable for Administrators to match the employees' punches with the expected location.

  2. Employee Active Alert functionality added! Now Administrators can setup an automatic alert for the employees to confirm if they are actively using the application. In case the alert is ignored, the system can send a message to the employee as well as an email notification for the managers that the employee may not be active.

  3. Our Clock In/Out Exception Report will now provide details of not only the expected time where the employees had to Clock In or Out, but also the actual time when the punches were entered, so Management can have full control of employees' activity.

That's all for now, but be on the lookout for more exciting news and updates!!

--The Econz Team