Friday, October 29, 2021

New Report: iSolved Integration Report

Hello everyone, we are very pleased to share with you the first stage of our integration with the iSolved HCM Workforce Management Solution, always looking to improve our system, add new ways for it to communicate with other systems and help you, our valuable customer, to reach your company goals.

This report requires a bit of additional setup to populate the "Employee #", "Branch" and "Division" columns. First we go to the Administration tab and select "Manage Web Only Custom Fields":

Then, we scroll down to find the "Field Device Custom Fields" section:

And then we add our three fields, "Employee #", "Branch" and "Division". For these you only need to enter the Field Name, and leave the default fields, that is making them editable and text as the field type, then we click "Save" at the bottom:

For each field you will be asked to add it to the existing objects, make sure to select Yes so the employees' profiles are updated with them, as we will fill them out in the next step:

Then, we need to access the Field Worker's tab and update these newly added fields on each profile, according to your company's setup. Note the highlighted fields at the bottom:

Once the setup is complete, we can go to the Reports tab and look for the "iSolved Integration Report" within the "Accounting and Payroll/Integration" section:

And here is the final result once we generate the report:

Click on image to enlarge

That's it for the moment! Stay tuned because this is only the first part, our team is working hard at this moment to bring you something else related to iSolved, but we'll leave that for next time...

--Econz Team

Friday, October 22, 2021

Yes/No Custom Fields: Selecting Response That Triggers an Action

In a previous post, we had talked about editing custom fields and more importantly, adding Actions to use as triggers in Yes/No questions. Well, today we are going to take this a bit further and explain something new that we have implemented to provide even more flexibility.

With this enhancement, you will be able to determine what specific answer will trigger the action. Let's take a look at the action we had previously created called "VIP Customer Notification":

We currently have it so that if we select "Yes", management would get an email notification to send a thank you note and a care package to that customer. That was the default behavior, but what if we wanted to change it to something different like if the customer is not VIP, we want to try to get them to that status?

Let's make a couple of changes to this Action and convert it to a "Potential VIP Customer Notification":

Perfect! With that change out of the way, let's go back to the form and check out what's new. We go down to the "VIP Customer?" Yes/No question field, make sure that the "Potential VIP Customer Notification" action is selected, and then we see a new section called "Field Value to trigger Action". It is set to "Yes" by default, but since we want to be notified if the customer is not in VIP status, we change it to "No":

You can use any of the options depending on the context of the question, the action can be triggered if the answer is "Yes", "No", on either answer, or set it to "None" if you wish to disable the associated action without the need to delete the whole thing, and you can then change that value later to enable it easily.

After making that change, we click "Save" at the bottom and finally we have our updated form:

That's it for today, we hope you like this and get the best out of the new functionality. Tune in next week for more exciting news!

--Econz Team

Friday, October 15, 2021

Timecard Shift Details and Clockout Questions Report V2

We are proud to present to you today one of the newest additions to our list of reports, the "Timecard Shift Details and Clockout Questions Report V2''. This report looks to combine the information provided by the Lunch Delayed Report and the Premium Pay Bad Users Report. Here is a sample of what it looks like for a few days looking at one employee's data:

Click on image to enlarge

This comprehensive report is focused towards Premium Pay information, it provides details following the succession of these events:

  1. Clock In
  2. First Break
  3. First Meal
  4. Second Break
  5. Second Meal
  6. Clock Out

Of course, the staff will collect this information according to the total time they are working and ensuring to comply with their company policies.

Here is a detailed list of the column headers for this report.

  • Name: Name of the employee.
  • Device ID: device ID of that person, used to set up the app on the phone.
  • Date: date of the event.
  • Clock In: time when the employee clocked in/
  • Start Break: time when the employee took the first break of the day.
  • End Break: time when the employee ended the first break of the day.
  • Clock In to First Break Time: time that passed between the moment the employee clocked in and took the first break.
  • Start Meal: time when the employee took the first meal of the day.
  • End Meal: time when the employee ended the first meal of the day.
  • Clock In to First Meal Time: time between the clock in time and the start of the first meal.
  • First Break to Second Break Time: this states how much time passed between the start of the first break and the start of the second break.
  • Start Meal: time when the employee took the second meal of the day, if applicable.
  • End Meal: time when the employee ended the second meal of the day.
  • Start Break: time when the employee took the second break of the day.
  • End Break: time when the employee ended the second break of the day.
  • Clock Out: time when the shift was completed and the worker punched out.
  • Shift Time: total time worked by the employee.
  • Total Meal Time: amount of time spent on meal time.
  • Anyone injured?: starting with this column and all the way to the right, is where we get the answers provided at the end of the day Premium Pay questions, this one is pretty straight forward, just asking if anyone was injured while on shift.
  • Did you take all breaks today?: employees would answer either yes or no, depending on if they took all of their breaks.
  • Did you work over the organisations maximum daily hours?: this one for example, is in case an employee worked over say 12 hours, which would be the maximum set for the company.
  • Was this meal taken later than allocated at your election?: this question is used so that the employee can state that he/she took the meal period after the expected time.
  • Was this meal taken later than allocated due to work requirements?: with this question, the staff members can let management know if work activities were the factor behind the delay of them taking lunch time.
  • Premium Pay?: this is a flag that the system will add automatically, depending on the rules that were configured and the answers provided by the field workers.

Hope that makes it easy to understand, let us know in case you have any questions or comments!

--Econz Team

Friday, October 8, 2021

Setting up Timecard Supervisor

Timecard Supervisor is one of our most important and widely used features. We have talked about it in numerous previous posts, so we thought it would be useful to provide a refresher guide and go back to basics: setting it up!

First we need to create a Field Worker Administrator user; this is done in the Field Workers tab, we would just click on add new, then here is the example of the fields that need to be used:

Here is a brief explanation of what is needed:

  • Device Type: use TimeCard.
  • Device ID: the phone number for the device that the employee will use.
  • Name: name of the user.
  • User Type: to enable the Timecard Supervisor functionality, make sure to only use "Field Worker Administrator".
  • TimeZone: time zone where the employee is located.
  • New/Confirm Password: this is the password that will be used when setting up the application.
  • Enable Timesheet Approval: make sure to enable this if you need that supervisor to approve timesheets.
  • All other settings are optional.
Then click on Add New at the bottom to continue.

Before setting up the application, there is one more very important step that needs to be done. Since we are obviously talking about Timecard Supervisor, here is where the supervisor part would start showing its face, we need to create a team for this user and add the employees that he/she will be in charge of. If this step is omitted then this person won't be able to filter punches, view breadcrumbs or approve timesheets for anyone, so let's make sure to create a team and add some users for "Horace Reid" to monitor.

Iin the same Field Workers tab we will click on the "Manage Teams" button, and then on "Add New Team":

Then we create the team, we can name as we wish and select that person as the supervisor, then click the "Add New Team" button:

Once that step is done, we will be able to add employees to our new team by using the dropdown menu. Staff members that are already supervisors for other teams are not available to be added, so keep that in mind:

Now we can download the application, just search for "econz" in Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and find "Timecard Supervisor" with the red icon, then tap "Install":

Once the app is installed, launch it and make sure to allow all the required permissions for proper functioning of the software:

Next, you will be prompted to enter the Device ID and Password, which are the ones we created earlier when setting up the profile:

Once the connection with the server is successful, we will get a disclaimer which has to be accepted to continue:

You will get a green thumbs up and a number of popup messages notifying you about the progress of the application loading all the data for the profile that was configured:

Then, you will be asked to allow GPS based permissions, this step is also really important to ensure proper tracking while using Timecard Supervisor:

After that, the installation is completed. We can use it to clock in and out as normal, all the functionality that the full version of Timecard GPS has, as well as the features unique to Timecard Supervisor, such as viewing employees tasks and breadcrumb trails or sending messages:

And also, using the Timesheet Approval functionality, which we talk about in a previous post:

That's it for now, we hope you find this guide useful, if you have any questions, leave us a comment below!

--Econz Team

Friday, October 1, 2021

Employee Timecard By Week Report

Hello everyone, today we have a brand new report that has just been launched, the "Employee Timecard By Week Report". With this one, you will be able to generate a beautifully presented PDF with a table organizing the tasks depending on the day of the week that they were performed at.

To access it, go to the Reports tab and look for the "Customer Reports" section:

Then, set your filters to the desired week you wish to view, then the teams or users you want to focus on and click on "Generate PDF Report":

Before looking at the final result, let's check the Timecard Task Detail Report to see how the hours for one of our employees would look like. They are already perfectly formatted one row per task:

Click on image to enlarge

But here is the PDF output, notice how neatly organized the tasks and the hours are so you can view it in a semi-calendar fashion, making it easier to visualize the time periods when the tasks were performed:

Click on image to enlarge

The report can be generated for multiple weeks at a time and the report will tell you which week it is, according to the calendar.

We hope you can take advantage of this excellent report, let us know if you have any questions or comments down below.

--Econz Team