Friday, May 3, 2019

Removing Users from Timecard Checker

In a previous post, we had covered how to setup and use the Timecard Checker functionality, now it's time to go over how to remove users from the list.

Of course, this is very useful in case an employee was transferred and needs to clock in on a different device, or if the user is no longer in the company.

Here is how to do it, first of all tap the Checker Profile. In this example we have named this user 'Checker Profile' for easier identification, but keep in mind it will most likely have a different name. The idea is that this profile enables the Checker functionality and will always be on top of the list:

Once you do that, open the Menu and select the option called "Manage checker-users":

Next you will see the list of available users, so tap on the name of the one you need to remove. Notice how it's clearly highlighted. Once you have made your selection, tap the "SAVE" button.

You will get a confirmation screen, so tap on "DELETE" to complete the removal:

From here you can just go back, and you will see that the list of available employees has been updated:

That's it for this time! Leave us any questions or comments you might have below.

-Econz Team