Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Timecard GPS: Custom Forms

This blog post will be very useful for most customers that are looking to capture additional information in an organized, meaningful manner. Here we will discuss the usage of Custom Forms.

Custom Forms, as the name implies, are used to create and capture forms. These will be created with the existing functionality of Custom Fields. You can create the fields and organize them exactly how you need them so employees will be able to access the forms and enter all the necessary data. They can even access the same form while working on the same task and keep adding to it as needed.

To set this up, go to the Administration tab and click on "Manage Custom Fields/Forms":

Once inside, click on the "Add New" button at the top.

This is what you will see next:

Name: Here you will enter the name that the Custom Form will have. This is how it will appear to the employees.

Triggers: this section is used to determine at what point the form will be displayed or accessed.

  1. Manual: the Custom Form can be accessed at any moment while the employee is clocked in.
  2. Clock In: the employee will be prompted to fill out the Custom Form the moment he/she clocks in.
  3. Clock Out: the employee will be prompted to fill out the Custom Form the moment he/she clocks out.
On this example, we are going to add a Clock Out Custom Form, so the employee can see it at the moment he/she clocks out.

We have added the name and the "Clock Out" trigger, we are ready to click on "Save". Next, we go back to the "Manage Custom Fields/Forms" section and our newly added form will be there at the bottom of the list. Let's click on "Edit".

You will notice that there are some new options in the Details screen:

You can use the Filter section to enable the Form to be accessed only for a specific Task. Of course, this makes more sense in a Manual form that can be accessed at any time during the day, but just keep in mind that filters are a very powerful tool in case there are forms that are exclusive to a specific type of activity.

The next step is to clock on "Edit Form Fields". If you have ever worked with Custom Fields, the next screen will be familiar. If not, be on the lookout for an upcoming post that will cover Custom Fields in more detail.

We will add a couple example fields that are relevant to our company:

The setup is completed. When accessing the mobile application, keep an eye on the Menu section, you will see the option called "Forms". Here is where you can access all of the Manual Forms that were created in the Administrator Portal.

Below is a video showing how this example form will look and behave on the mobile application when the user clocks out, it also shows how to access other Manual forms that have been created.

We hope you can benefit from this wonderful feature! Let us know if you have any questions about this feature and we will gladly assist you.

--Econz Team