Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Update to Timesheets: Statutory Work Days

Hello everyone, today we are following up with a past post where we talked about customizing company holidays. Our system has now been updated to be able to provide additional details so that companies have even more complete timesheet information in case an employee had to work during a Holiday. Originally this was shown once the timesheet had been approved, but in order to make your lives even easier, we thought making this available even before that step, so Managers will be able to visualize every worked holiday right at the moment when they are starting to review the timesheets!

To illustrate the example, let's go back to the settings where we had defined our Holidays, we can see that on April 15 we have Good Friday set as one of the possible paid holidays:

This means that if an employee worked during that day, after that person has submitted their signed timesheet and the Manager in charge is approving them, then we will now be able to see the Earning/Pay Code signifying that it corresponds to STW for "Statutory Work", like the highlighted line in following example:

There we can see that Ann Marie worked on the same day that we have "Good Friday" as one of our Holidays, so instead of the Pay Code being set as a regular day "REG", it is now showing as "STW", which stands for Statutory Work. This way, the Payroll Department can easily keep track of these days that are special cases and pay their staff accordingly.

That's it for this one, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

--Econz Team

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Third Level of Approval for General Managers

Hello everyone, hope you are doing great!

Today we will talk about something that we recently implemented that can be very useful for every one of our customers, especially the ones that require another level of approval when integrating into other Payroll and Accounting software packages. This comes back to the topic of the General Manager Approval, a feature designed so that in case someone needs to oversee that timesheet approval process, can do so after both the employees and their managers have reviewed, signed and approved their timesheets.

There are two new settings that will be found by going to the Preferences within the Administration tab:

Click on image to enlarge

Enable the "Payroll Requires General Manager Approval" option if you need to enforce the third level of approval in the timesheets before these are sent to Payroll. The default behavior when this is left unchecked is that this is only optional and no General Manager approval is required, so make sure to enable this if your organization must have another approval level prior to pushing the timesheets to an external payroll system.

Next, check the "Enable General Manager Edit Manager/Worker approval" option. With this, a General Manager user will have the capability to edit approved and accepted timesheet entries regardless of the input from the employee or the manager who would be the second level of the chain. What this means is that a General Manager will be able to approve timesheets at any point, contrary to the default behavior where they could only interact with the timesheets after both the employee and the supervisor had already approved said timesheets.

There are many cases where this can be useful, for example, the employee could have lost the device with the application and is no longer able to sign the timesheet, or that staff member's supervisor is on PTO and the General Manager is the one that would need to provide backup with the approval process. Another example would be a case when the employee needed to have a special exemption approved or some sort of extraordinary circumstances that required that person to work for more hours than usual.

That's all for now, this simple change will definitely make many jobs easier so we hope you can take full advantage of it. Leave us a comment or question down below in case you have any questions!

--Econz Team