Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Edit User Events: Safe Edits Enhancement

Hello everyone,

Here we are back with some good news!

We have tightened the security in regards to editing tasks and made it safer so no changes are lost. In the past, if you had selected some jobs or changed times and then attempted to insert or delete a task or a break, if you proceeded with the insertion/deletion without saving the changes, those would be lost.

Now, if you click on Edit Task to change the existing punch:

...or also if you edit any of the times for the available punches:

...the buttons to insert or delete punches (which typically would take you to a new screen) will be grayed out. This means that the system will enforce the saving of the changes before attempting to do anything else.

This of course will save you time and worries, since we are making sure that you can safely make your edits without the loss of data, and at the same time, saving you any time that you could have lost re-editing time or tasks.

We hope you can get the best out of this enhancement, if you have any feedback, please let us know in the comments section. We always want to hear what you, our value customer, has to say.

--Econz Team

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Office Administrators for Timesheet Approval

Today's topic will be about a new user type we added thanks to our valuable customers' feedback: the Office Administrator. We had covered the topic of Timesheet Signoff in a previous post and also went about explaining the available User Types that can be added through the Manage Users screen.

What happened is that there came the need to have a user that was able to approve timesheets without the need to assign each task to them, so the Office Admin works as a Payroll Admin with the added capability that you can filter exactly whose timesheets they will approve.

Let's see how to set this up, first go to the Administration tab:

Then click on "Manage Users" in the "Staff" section:

Once inside this screen, we will click on "Add New":

These are the options that you will require to setup an Office Admin:

Here is a summary of the mandatory fields:
  • User Type: "Office Admin".
  • TimeZone: the correct time zone for the user.
  • Login ID: a combination of the user's name and last name, keep in mind it's case sensitive.
  • Name: name of the Office Admin you are creating.
  • New/Confirm Password: use a secure password of your election, make sure to enter the same one on both fields.
  • Language: select the appropriate language.
Once you have this, click on "Add New".

Now you will notice that if you access the Office Admin's profile, there will be a few buttons at the bottom, the one we are looking for is called "Update Leader User Members".

The idea is that you can use the filters to add or remove users, so this Office Admin will only see the ones that have been assigned to him/her:

The first box is to add teams, the second one to include specific employees. When you are happy with your selection, click on "Save" and you will be set.

That's all for this time, let us know if you have any questions or comments!

--Econz Team