Monday, February 22, 2021

Sage 300 and Viewpoint Reports Now Available For Customer Export

Econz Wireless has recently developed two new Reports that have been added to our vast selection, these are the Sage 300 Report and the Viewpoint Procontractor Report.

At the moment we are currently offering over 80 reports for our customers, which have been tailored to accomodate to many specific needs. The majority of these accounting/job costing reports can be downloaded to your computer or scheduled to be sent to an email address with a click of a button. 

In this specific case, since these new reports have been created with using them with another software in mind, once they have been downloaded, they can be imported into SAGE 300 or Procontractor using the exported CSV file populated with Job Costing and Timecard captured data.

Additionally, we also have made available reports for SAGE, Intuit, VIP, Ultimate, Pastel, and other accounting and payroll reports that can be accessed through the Reporting Section within the Timecard system.

Our reports are one of the most important and powerful tools offered in Timecard GPS and we are always open to suggestions on how to make your life easier and help you be as efficient in your job as possible.

--Econz Team