Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Timecard GPS: Set Minimum Travel Time

Hi everyone!

We have recently implemented a very useful feature called "Set Minimum Travel Time".  The purpose of this feature is to control what portion of time spent traveling between jobs is considered "unpaid time". This is very useful in case you have limits for driving time. For example, if the first 30 minutes of driving are not paid, you can use this feature.

First thing would be to log into the Administrator Portal and go to the Integration Section. Select the option called "Set Minimum Travel Time".

Next, you will be taken to the following screen where you can specify the minimum time easily. Here is our example for 30 minutes:

Finally click on "Set Minimum Travel Time".

It is very important to have a task called "Travel" for all of the employees this feature will apply to, or else, it won't recognize it. Make sure it is called literally Travel without added words or spaces at the beginning or end of the word.

So, when you go the application and select Clock-in or Change Task (if you are already clocked in), the Travel Task will be shown on top of the task list like this:

Then, if you select it and the task has an address attached to it, it will open the turn-by-turn direction functionality. You can also skip that step and while you are on travel time, the task will look like this:

Something important for Administrator users.  When this feature is activated, the purpose is that the configured "Minimum Travel Time" determines how long a field worker must be traveling before any "Travel" time is counted on the payroll.  Hence any "Travel" time less than the configured "Minimum Travel Time" will be deducted from the total hours worked. You will see this effect on reports that give you the total hours per day worked (e.g. like the Timecard Detail Report).

Other reports that give you details of each task done, will still show full details on the "Travel" task so you can see how much actual traveling was done by each field worker (e.g. like the Timecard Task Detail Report).

Let us know if there are any questions, our Customer Support Team will gladly assist you!

--Econz Team

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