Monday, August 14, 2017

Timecard GPS Supervisor App

The Timecard Supervisor Application is the newest addition to our Econz lineup. This version will enable field employees to have features that were previously only available to web users, such as viewing company users' timesheet and GPS location activity.

To be able to use these features, a special type of user needs to be created. On the web portal, go to the Field Workers tab and click on Add New on the top left of the screen.

Make sure to follow these settings below. The Device ID is the user's phone number and the Name is of course, the employee's name. Device Type must be "TimeCard" and User Type has to be "Field Worker Administrator". Use the time zone according to your location and and set the password to something secure of your choosing.

Let's check out the new functionality the Timecard Supervisor app has! It can pretty much do everything the Full Version of Timecard GPS does, you will be greeted with the familiar home screen:

Here is where the good stuff begins. Swipe from the right border of the screen to the left and you will see the map. If you do the same while in the map view, you will be able to see the Employee List. This is the equivalent of the Home Lists screen on the web portal.

You will have three filters that can aid you to view a specific individual's last activity and location. The first one is the Status filter, which you can use to filter users according to their current clock in status.

Then, you will see the Time filter, useful to focus on a specific date or one of the other options shown below:

Finally, the user filter can be used to focus on just one person at a time. You can even type the name of the employee you are looking for and tap on Filter, if you want to do a search instead of looking for names in the list.

Below is what it will look like when you do a search with a name. You can tap on the Send button to send messages to employees through the application.

Entering a name in the User filter, will of course allow you to focus on that person's last location, for example, here  is Juanita's last location:

We hope you can get the best out of the newly added functionality of the Timecard Supervisor app. If you had any questions, feel free to contact our support team or leave us a comment in the comments section.

--Econz Team

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