Monday, October 9, 2017

Timecard GPS: Uploading Tasks with Default GeoFences

Our system has the power feature that allows you to use smart fences for each specific task. You can use it to enable Entering/Leaving Area rules or even enabling Clock-In Lock using a default smart fence.

The great thing about adding a rule to the default smart fence is that you can use the same one for each task and the application will automatically recognize the address and apply the rules to it.

We have just made a change that will make your life even easier, now you don't need to enable the default smart fence to each task individually, if you have a long list of jobs with addresses and need to add some rules, you can apply the default fence right from the CSV file!

Here is how you do it, first go to the Administration tab and select "Maintain Task/Customer List:

Then click on the checkbox to the left of the team (or teams) you are going to upload tasks to:

Open the dropdown menu and select the option "Load tasks/customers from Comma Delimited File to selected teams".

You will be taken to the upload screen, notice how all of the steps are pretty much the same way we have been doing it for a while, but the example image shows what has changed: (notice columns N and O):

The External ID can be used for internal purposes, in case you have additional codes attached to your tasks or need it for an integration, but the last column "Smart Fence" is where you can define if you want to use the default fence by using the word "default", or if you won't use any smart fence rules, leave it at "none".

Keep in mind that you will need to have created at least a default rule so you can take advantage of this feature. If you aren't sure that you have one, go the Administration tab and select "Rules, Action and Fences", select the "Manage SmartFences" options and the Default rule will be the first one on the list, click on Edit to view its contents:

This example has a "Clock in Lock" rule created:

If there are no rules, make sure to add one so you can add it as a default rule to all the tasks within your CSV file.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section!

--Econz Team

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