Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Feature: Editing Custom Fields

Hello everyone!

Today we are very excited to bring you the latest news: we have enabled the ability for an Administrator,  Web Team Leader and General Manager to edit Custom Field data captured by your employees!

Sometimes employees can make mistakes while they are typing, or you just need to adjust something on a note, an order ID, the price of a sold item, etc. To do this, you need to go to the Reports tab and click the "Custom Field Report". Generate it using the appropriate filters (teams, user or dates, depending on the result you are looking for) and you will get something like this:

Notice the new "Edit" buttons on the right side of the screen. If you click on any of them, you will be able to edit the custom fields for the results you currently have on the screen. This is what the original field values are:

Let's go ahead and change some of the values, we want to change the Name and Position, maybe also use a different Customer Order, and let's say the customer was a bit older than what the employee had reported. Also, this was a really good customer and we give him the chance to pay later, so he wasn't charged today, so we untick the "Was the customer charged?" checkbox:

Notice how you can even adjust numerical values with the arrows to the right, so you have the option to use this to get to your correct value, or type it, however you prefer!

Once you are happy with the changes, scroll to the bottom and click the "Save" button. When you generate the report again, it will have updated the information with the values you just changed:

Hopefully this will make your life easier, it definitely has made it easier for us here at Econz! Give us your thoughts in the comments section in case you have a question or anything you'd like to share.

-- Econz Team

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