Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Search Expired Tasks in Edit User Events Screen

Hello everyone!

On this blog post we are going to talk about a simple but very important enhancement: the ability to search for expired projects when editing tasks.

The default option used to be that if a job was setup with an expiration date, then it wouldn't be available on the device and on the editing screen. For example, we have this job called "Econz Santa Ana" which was good from January 1st 2018, to January 1st, 2019:

When we go to the "Edit User Events" section on the Administration tab, click on the "Edit Task" button and do our search for this task, no results will be found:


But if we go to Preferences and enable "Search Closed Tasks", when we go back, we will be able to find that expired job and edit accordingly.

Here we enable this setting:

Then we search for our desired task and get the expected result:

And finally, we have our successfully saved task:

That's all for now, leave us a comment in the section below in case you want to ask us something!

--Econz Team

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