Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Enhanced Functionality for Auto Task Changes

We have recently added an enhancement to the GPS Auto Task Change functionality where the application will determine if the user has been inside the area for a specific period of time. This can be very useful in cases where the auto task change does not need to be triggered immediately, for example, if the employee is just driving by the area.

To set this up, it's easier to add this rule to the Default SmartFence and apply it to all the tasks but of course, it can also be done per task individually. In this example, we'll use the Default SmartFence.

Go to the Administration tab and select "Rules, Action and Fences" in the Advanced section:

Next, select "Manage SmartFences":

Click to "Edit" the Default SmartFence:

Once inside the Default Fence, set the radius to the desired size and click on "Create New" within the Rules section:

On the following screen is where you will select the rule called "Inside Area for at least"; here we have set it to 3 minutes. This means that once the employee has entered the area, the app will start counting time and if it reaches the 3 minutes, then the task will be changed to what we setup in the next step:

Once this is done, click on "Create New Action" at the bottom:

Then, tick the "Automatic Field Device Event" option and select "Change Task" in the Event Type dropdown menu. Doing this will change the employee to the task of the area they are standing in for at least 3 minutes. If you wanted to change to a specific task, then you can tick the Set Task Info option to pick the specific task that you wish the employee to be changed to:

From here on, you can save it until you are back at the first screen (where you specify the radius). Here you have to click on "Add Existing" to apply the newly created rule to the default fence:

After this, the rule will be saved successfully!

If you have any questions, make sure to ask us in the comments section!

--Econz Team

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