Friday, November 19, 2021

Office Admin Powerful Job Assignment

Hello everyone! We are bringing you a new enhancement for users with the Office Admin profile, normally when editing tasks or user events an Office Admin is constrained to only assigning from within that employee’s teams set of jobs.  This new functionality now optionally allows the ability for them to assign jobs from the set of all possible jobs (i.e. including jobs from other teams).

To enable this, log into the Web Portal as an Administrator user, then go to the Administration tab and click on Preferences. Find the option called "Enable extra Office Admin powers for Edit User Events":

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Make sure to follow this guide to assign teams and users to Office Admins properly, in this case, our Office Admin has Region B only:

These are the current tasks for Region B:

But we know that Rufus Robinson worked with Region E performing the task "Penny Cafeteria", which is not in the list of tasks for Region B. So, here is where the magic comes in. We log in as an Office Admin and go to the "Edit User Events" screen within the Administration tab.

If we wanted to insert a task, we can now search and choose tasks from other teams. As we saw before, "Penny Cafeteria" is not within the jobs available for Region B, but by enabling this functionality, we can now edit that task and add it to his punches:

Here we can see how the task has been successfully added:

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And this also applies to editing tasks:

That's it for this time, stay tuned for more news!

--Econz Team

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