Monday, February 21, 2022

Sending PDF Job Confirmation to Customers

Hello everyone! We have a very interesting new feature today... Have you ever needed to automatically send a customer a receipt, notification or confirmation that a job has been completed for them? With our system, you will now be able to without any hassle, so let's check it out!

First, we need to go to the Administration tab and select "Manage Web Only Custom Fields", found within the Advanced section:

Then, make sure you are working within the "Task Custom Fields" section and add a new field called "Customer Email", then click the "Save" button. The name is important so that the system recognizes it's the field that will be used to send the automatic email.

Once the field has been created it will be added to the list like this:

The next step is to make sure you have created the form that is going to be sent to your customer. We would create a form based on your needs using all the details that you need to capture for the PDF file. For this, we go back to the Administration tab and click the "Manage Custom Fields/Forms" option:

Then, we create the form as needed and once it's done, we need to make sure that the Email Customer option is checked. Don't add anything in the "Alert Email Address" section, since that email that you put in will receive a confirmation every time that the job is completed, which would make sense if it's for internal use, of course, but you definitely don't want a customer getting emails for jobs that are for a different customer.

Adding an email address is job specific, which makes more sense as you will be having your staff working on multiple jobs on different customer locations and this way your clients will be getting individual confirmations for specific jobs that have been finished. So, having said that, where would we add the customer email addresses? By going to the "Maintain Task/Customer List" section in the Administration tab:

In this step, you need to find the individual jobs and click on each ID to edit its details. Here we are editing a random task, note how close to the bottom we have our "Customer Email" field. That's where we would enter our client's email addresses (you can enter multiple addresses separating them by commas if you wish):

So, after the form has been filled out while on a specific job and then the task itself has been completed, the customer will receive the email automatically containing the PDF form, which can be saved to their computers and viewed as desired:

We hope you like this feature, we will be adding some interesting things to it on our next post, so stay tuned!

--Econz Team

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