Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Timecard Supervisor Timesheet Approval

With our NEW Timecard Supervisor Application enhancements Supervisor’s now have the capability to monitor their field staff and approve time from their company or personal mobile device.

Review worker’s Activities:

With this improved feature, the supervisor just needs to slide their finger from right to left on the screen and they will when see the list of workers assigned to your team, you will be able to see the task/activity they selected, and the Time and Date of their last activity.

Check worker’s Location and breadcrumb trail:

If the supervisor slides their finger from right to left again, they will be able to see the breadcrumb trail of their field workers movement throughout the day on google mapping..

Approve Timesheets:

The Timesheet approval process from the supervisor application will provide an expedited approval process for supervisors in the field and it is a great tool to review your worker’s activities on the go!

The Timecard supervisor comes with all the features included in our Timecard GPS application  plus the supervisor features, which means that a supervisor can collect time, use our forms features and also monitor the workers from the same application on their mobile device.

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