Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dynamic Table Feature included on Forms

We are very proud to announce a wonderful new feature that gives our application an edge over the competition, we call it Dynamic Table on Forms.

Our Dynamic Table feature now enables a field worker to access additional information when completing a custom form/survey on a mobile device.

This new feature was created to allow field workers access to extra database information that can be loaded into the Timecard system’s form, directly as a CSV File.

To explain better how it works, take a look at the following table: 

The employee would select the "Order ID", then the application would fill out the rest of the fields automatically. This is particularly useful if you have a set of inventory items with predefined values or parameters and you don't need your staff to enter everything manually all the time. The dynamic table can provide information such as available products in the warehouse with codes and descriptions, a List of Work Orders with customer names, address, phone numbers, etc.

In this example, selecting any of the Order IDs would also grab the information for Name, Price, Quantity and Total, and show them as their own custom fields in any of the Custom Field Reports.  

This was designed not only to show the information back to the workers but also to use it as a selection and show this in our reports information.

Setting it up is very easy, just follow the usual Custom Field steps and select the Field Type called "Dynamic Table". Here is where you can click on "Browse" and upload the CSV file. Click on "Read Table" and then you can save the new field.

We made sure to make this into a convenient way to show and retrieve important information that is key for your business, we hope you take full advantage of this great feature that is included in our Timecard GPS package.

--Econz Team

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