Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Feature: Schedule Multiple Reports

If  you ever felt the need to have all your reports sent to your email without even accessing our Web Portal, you will be very interested about what we are showing you in this post.

This is a brand new feature you will find on the Reports Tab called Scheduled Reports. To access, of course, go to the Reports Tab and click on "View Scheduled Reports".

Once inside, you will see the screen where all of your Scheduled Reports (or groups of reports) will be listed. If it's the first time, it will be empty, but let's change that! Click on the Add button.

The following image illustrates the different fields that you will see on the next screen:

  1. Enter a Description for the Report you are creating.
  2. Use this field to Add/Remove all the reports that you want to include in the same email.
  3. Pick your Time Zone.
  4. Select the period you want the report to be generated at.
  5. Select whether the report is generated indefinitely or if it should end on a specific date.
  6. Here you will select if you want to create a CSV file (Excel Spreadsheet) for each individual report or want the HTML version (similar to generating it online). Then:
    • Email To: Type the email addresses you wish to send the emails to, use commas if you need to list more than one
    • Email Subject: De fine the subject of the Email on this area.
    • Email Body: This will be the body of the Email that will be generated.
When you are done, click on Save! Once the report is generated, you can see it listed on the "Report Schedules" screen. To edit it any of its values, click on its "ID" and that should be it.

Hope you like one of our favorite new features, let us know your comments or questions in the comment section or contact us at (866) 403-3475, or email

--The Econz Team

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