Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Feature: Setting up Web Team Leaders

Our system now has the capability to add Web Team Leaders, which are managers with web access that can be constrained to view/manage a subset of your companies employees. This is particularly good for companies that have many teams with their own managers, in this case its often useful to be able to restrict these managers to only accessing their own teams.

These are features that Web Team Leaders will be able to perform:
  • Monitor the map for GPS movement
  • Manage jobs and team members for assigned teams
  • View reports for the assigned employees.
This is how you would add and setup a Web Team Leader:

Go to the Administration tab and select Manage Users. Once inside, click on Add New to create a new user.

Next, follow the instructions from this illustration stated below:

  1. On User Type, select Web Team Leader.
  2. Select the correct Time Zone.
  3. Enter the Login ID, it will be case sensitive.
  4. Enter the Name of the web team leader.
  5. Type a Password and re-enter it on the next ­field.
  6. Finally click on Add New.
Once the user has been added, it’s time to assign the specifi­c teams that it will be able to see. Go back to the Manage Users screen, ­find the ID of the newly added profi­le and click on it to edit it.

Click on Update Web Team Members at the bottom of the user pro­file.

Assign the Teams/Users for the Web Team Leader and click on Save.

Next time that this user logs in the web portal, he/she will only be able to ­filter and select the assigned users, as shown on the example below:

That's about it! Feel free to email our Support Team at or call (866) 403-3475 if you have any questions.

--The Econz Team

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