Wednesday, December 6, 2017

New Feature: Timecard Checker

There may come the time when you need to collect timesheets and punches from a group of people but only have one device for them to share. Our new Timecard Checker feature will help you with that!

First make sure to setup one Checker user per device, this is the person that will do the initial setup and aid the crew members in setting up their profiles on the device. To do this go to the Field Workers tab and click on Add New:

Then make sure that the Device Type is set to "Timecard Checker" to enable these features:

The rest should be setup as normal:
  • Device ID: the user's phone number.
  • Name: Employee's name.
  • User Type: set it to Field Worker.
  • TimeZone: use the correct time zone for the employee.
  • Security Question and Answer can be left blank.
  • New/Confirm Password: set the password to something secure of your choosing.
Finally, click on Add New at the bottom. This is only required for the Checker user, any other users that will be added to punch in with the same device have to be added as a "Timecard" user instead of "Timecard Checker" on the Device Type field.

Next, we will cover how set this up in the application. Download the Full Version of the app and enter the Device ID and Password when you first launch it. The phone will start authenticating with the server and once it does, it will download all the information for the user's profile. You will know it's ready when you see the green thumbs up.

When you tap on your name, you will be asked to enter the password and to setup your own PIN number to be used from then on once you wish to interact with the app through your profile:

To add a new user (and all subsequent users, tap on the plus icon on the top right of the screen. Then, enter that person's Device ID and Password (make sure to check with Management or our Customer Support team if you don't have this information):

A Search textbox will appear on the top of the screen the moment you have added at least 15 users. This will help everyone find themselves without the need to scroll through the whole list. Once the profile finishes authenticating with the server, the app will request the user to enter a PIN number, too.

This process will always happen when setting up new users and this PIN number will be used every time an employee taps on their name to add punches. Once the PIN is verified, they will see the Clock In screen. Please keep in mind the following images will show how it works for users other than the Checker. The Checker user will have full access to the standard four icons (Clock-in/out, Start/End Break, Change Task, View History), all tasks and settings.

Once the employee taps on "Clock In", the Photo app will be launched for them to take a picture. This will happen for any of the punches entered through the app (Clock in and out, starting and ending breaks).

When you are ready, tap on "EXIT" to leave back to the main employee list so someone else can interact with Timecard. Use the icon #2 to start a break, and at the end of the day, tap on the icon #1 to clock out!

That's it for now! Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions or thoughts.

-Econz Team

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