Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Timecard GPS: Deducting Only Specific Break Types

Hello everyone, we hope you had a great end of the year!

We want to start this 2019 with a new and wonderful feature that we have just implemented. Now you will enable employees to have paid Breaks and unpaid Meal time at the same time with just a simple setup.

To do this, go to the Advanced section within the Administration tab and select "Configure meal breaks":

Then, you will see the following screen:

The first step is to check the option "Only Deduct Meal Breaks from a field users day hours". Once you do that, all you are left to do is select the meal or break type that will be the one deducted when employees select it while taking a break from the mobile app.

Here is an example of selecting one called "Meal Time", remember these need to be setup before through the "Manage Break Types" section:

Finally, click on "Save".

What this will do is that whenever employees pick "Meal Time", that time will be deducted from the total hours, but now, the new thing is that if they selected a different break type, then that time will be added to the total worked hours. The system will reflect that breaks were taken, but depending on what you configured, the time out on break will be deducted or not.

Let us know if you like it or have any thoughts or questions in the comments section, we hope you like this new functionality.

--Econz Team

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