Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Timecard GPS: Team Member Task Change Message

Hello everyone!

Today we have a quick but interesting one for you, it is newly added functionality available with our Timecard GPS mobile application version 8.9 and above.  If you are a Supervisor using Team Clock-in, you can now change the tasks of all the clocked in crew members with one easy step.

Here is how it goes: the Supervisor with the device would only need to be clocked in and have some users clocked in, then, the moment he/she selects "Change Task" and picks the relevant Task/SubTask, a pop up message will appear:

If the user selects "YES", then the clocked in team members' task/subtask will be changed to the one the supervisor is changing to. Otherwise, they will remain in the same job they are at.

Keep in mind that in order to punch people to individual different tasks, it still needs to be done through the "Team Clock-in" section in the menu, since each task will need to be selected manually, but in the cases everyone will switch to the same activity, this is the fastest and most convenient way to do it.

We hope you like this feature, leave us any thoughts in the comments section below.

--Econz Team

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