Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Update to Custom Fields: Hidden Fields and Making Them Editable

On this post we are going to talk about a new feature that we just implemented: the ability to add Hidden Custom Fields.

Why would you want to hide Custom Fields from the mobile device? Well, this feature goes very well together with adding Custom Fields to the Edit User Events section, so there might be some additional codes or notes that only Managers need to add, so to avoid employees from seeing unnecessary fields, you can use this functionality as follows:

Go to "Manage Custom Fields/Forms" in the Administration tab:

Then select "Edit Default Custom Fields":

In this example, we already have a couple of fields that employees can see:

Let's go ahead and add a new hidden field, this will be called "Eligible for Premium Pay" and we will set it up as "Hidden" using the "On Phone/PDA" dropdown menu. Once you are happy, click on the "Add" button:

So here we have our three custom fields, two are editable from the mobile app, and one is hidden:

Let's go ahead and make this field available so a Manager or Admin can edit it. Go to the "Event Edit Settings" in the Administration tab:

Then use the dropdown menu to add the desired field (Note that at the moment the supported fields are the "Yes/No" and "List" types). You will be able to add not just hidden but editable or required fields, as well, depending on your needs. For this guide, we will use our new hidden field, so we click on Add:

Once that is done, next time you go to edit a user's timesheets, you will be able to click on this button, which will show you the custom fields that are available for editing:

After adjusting the values of the fields as necessary and clicking on Save, the changes will be reflected immediately on any report dedicated to custom fields, such as the Custom Report or the Custom Field Report:

Leave us any comment or question, we hope you get the best out of this new enhancement!

--Econz Team

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