Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Econz Wireless Integration with ADP Workforce Now®

 Below are a few examples to help potential and existing ADP® customers better understand
the data flow from our Timecard Workforce Management System and ADP Workforce Now®
platform. All data transfers (employees, cost codes, expenses, time and attendance) are done
using ADP Marketplace APIs.

Admin/Payroll Can Manage Single Sign-On To Onboard New Hires:

As an important part of any customer’s new hire process, Econz has created the ability to allow an admin/payroll manager to auto sync or manually add new employee data using ADP Marketplace APIs. A payroll manager can access the Timecard system from within ADP Workforce Now®. This simple process will allow a business to activate new workers and make them available to start collecting time within our Timecard application.

Configure Complex Jobs and Cost Codes:

A customer can configure our Timecard system to collect “Task – Job/Client/Location” as well as “Subtask – Cost Code/Activity” to be able to collect multiple levels of data in our system helping customer handle complex cost coding and even thousands of activity jobs. The configuration will allow employees to only see specific jobs and cost codes on their mobile devices. Job and Cost Codes can be configured via employee, trade, team, region, and more. This information represents location and cost code in ADP Workforce Now®.

Merge Jobs and Cost Codes Into ADP Workforce Now® (using APIs)

Within our Timecard workforce management system, Econz can configure the ability to transfer data as “Task.Subtask” to the “Temporary cost Number” Field within ADP Workforce Now® utilizing the ADP APIs.