Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Uploading Tasks with Coordinates using a CSV File

We are very glad to announce a much needed improvement we have done to our Task Upload system: loading tasks with coordinates using a CSV file. Many companies need to send out employees to remote locations that don't exactly have a specific address and need to make use of GPS related task features, such as Clock-in Lock or GPS Auto Task Change, so this is where this feature comes in.

The beautiful thing is that the process hasn't changed that much at all, if you check our article about loading Tasks with Default Fences, you'll notice it's pretty much the same!

So, on to the new part! Start by going to "Maintain Task/Customer List" within the Basic section of the Administration tab:

Next, select the team or teams where you wish to upload the tasks to and select the option called "Load tasks/customers from Comma Delimited File to selected teams:

Then, you will be shown the format that needs to be followed to upload tasks, notice how pretty much the only required field is column A with the name of the tasks, but to upload using coordinates, you will need to use columns R and S as shown here:

Select whether to append or replace the tasks list, according to what you need, then the list will be loaded and you will get this confirmation screen:

If everything is correct, click on the Save button to complete the tasks upload.

You can verify that the tasks have been correctly uploaded by going back to the team you loaded them to in the "Maintain Task/Customer List" section, then clicking on any of the jobs that should have coordinates. You will see something like this, notice the values set in the Latitude and Longitude boxes:

From then on, you can create a Custom SmartFence for each, or attach a default SmartFence to any number of them, and as we mentioned on a previous article, you can do this automatically with the same CSV file!

We hope you like this feature, let us know in case you have any comments or questions below.

Until next time!

--Econz Team

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