Friday, August 27, 2021

Custom Questions for Premium Pay

Hello everyone! In today's post we want to show you some brand new functionality that has been added to the system. This is related to Premium Pay, which originally had a set of predetermined all purpose questions, but now, we have made it available for you to enter your own questions.

To set this up, go to the Administration tab and select "Configure Premium Pay Questions", which are now found at the bottom of the Staff section:

Once entering that section, this is what you will see. Notice how the first option allows you to use the "Device Defaults" in case you don't wish to edit the questions:

The system will give you the option to write questions in English and in Spanish, as noted by the top buttons. The beautiful thing is that depending on what language you use, the questions will be translated on the device automatically, depending on whether the language is set to either English or Spanish.

Let's go ahead and enter our own questions, the default examples give us a hint as to where the questions will be used, so we are going to enter our own as follows. First in English:

Then in Spanish:

Finally, we have examples of how the questions are displayed depending on the language the device is setup with:

And another side by side comparison:

We hope you can take full advantage of this feature and make Timecard GPS even more customized to your needs!

Until next time.

--Econz Team

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