Friday, September 3, 2021

Changing User Types

Hello everyone! In this post we are going to cover the topic of changing user types, a feature that will come in handy whenever you have staff changes in a company that requires multiple user types to handle separate payroll and overtime rules. Just by having different user types created you will be able to take advantage of creating separate rules and attaching individual rules to them, but also setting up holiday hours based on said user types.

First, we need to make sure that we already have some user types created. We can confirm this by going to the Administration tab and accessing the "Manage User Types" section:

To make the actual change, we would go back to the Administration tab and select "Manage Users":

Here is a sample of the list of employees we have in our organization, noting the different types depending on the position they are in:

It turns out that we recently promoted one of our dear office staff members Maryann Fitzgerald to an IT related position. First we need to find her name on the list and click on the ID to the left:

Then we look for the "User Type" dropdown menu, which is currently set to "Office Staff":

When we open that menu, we will see all of the options that have been configured in the Manage User Types" section, along with the default user types. Note that the user type can be changed to any of those available, meaning that if you switch that profile to "Payroll Admin", for example, that person will be able to use his/her device ID in the web portal and start approving timesheets, or whatever functionality comes with the specified user type. We want to select the one called "IT":

Then we just need to click on the "Update" button at the bottom left of the screen:

That's pretty much it! When you check the profile again, it will now have the updated User Type with all of the rules that are attached to it, which will apply to the reports immediately:

That's all for today, let us know if you have any comments or questions below.

--Econz Team

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