Friday, September 24, 2021

Editing Custom Fields with Reasons for Changes

Hello everyone! Today's post will be about working with forms and custom fields that employees have already submitted. Just like with entering Tasks and SubTasks, we are all prone to commit mistakes from time to time, so we have come up with a solution to help you fix that and get not only your timesheets but also your forms to be perfect.

The first step is to create reasons for the changes. These will be added to the same place where you add reasons for editing tasks, and that's the "Manage Edit Event Reasons" setting in the Staff section, within the Administration tab:

Here are the current reasons we have, as you can see, they are intended to be used for editing tasks, so let's go ahead and add a couple new ones to be used with custom fields! First we clock the "Add New" button:

Then we enter the description for this reason and click on "Add New" again:

Here are the two new reasons we have added, make sure to use the ones that make sense to your business:

One of our employees has fill out a form we created called Accommodation Expenses:

When we generated the "Custom Field Report" we noticed that there were some mistakes done. For example, for this particular trip there was no food allowance, as everything was charged through the hotel bill. Also, this form was filled before there was the need for him to stay one additional night, so we also have to change that:

Click on the image to enlarge

For that we click the "Edit" button on the right side of the screen, any would do as it will open the form that we are working on:

First we want to uncheck the "Food Allowance" field. We created a reason for the Yes/No fields, so that's the one we are using in the Reason dropdown menu:

After clicking on "Save" we can generate the report again and the field value will have changed to "No":

Then, we want to reflect what we mentioned earlier so that the meal charges are included in the hotel expenses and raise it to one more night, so we adjust the "Total Amount for Meals" value to zero, edit the total nights to 2 and then change the "Total Amount for Hotel" to $200. For these ones, we want to use the "Editing Custom Field Value" reason and then click on "Save":

When we generate the report, we can confirm that all the values have been changed successfully:

Finally, we can use the "Timecard Audit Report" to review the changes that we just made! Notice how the reasons are used and make sense to the changes we performed, and how we can see both the original and edited values:

Click on image to enlarge

With that being said, we conclude this post! Let us know in case you have any questions or comments down below.

--Econz Team

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