Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Timecard v10: Auto Team Management

Hello everyone! Continuing our series for Timecard v10, in which we will go in detail about many new features our application has; we have something very interesting today, and that is Auto Team Management.

This is related to how the application manages team clock-in. With this feature, you will be able to decide how the app handles the punches of the team members without a phone. Let's see how it works and how you can set it up!

First, while clocked in as a Supervisor, tap the Menu icon on the top right of the screen:

Then, select the first option "Manage Team", which is the place you would normally go to manually clock team members in and out and handle their breaks:

Following that, tap the gear icon on the top right to access the team handling specific settings:

Once you do that, you will notice the following options:

Each of this settings will have a drop down menu so you can pick whether you want the application to Prompt you to take an action at the event you select, set it to Auto to take the action automatically for you, or set it to Off, so you won't be prompted but you will need remember to do each step manually. 

Those three actions take effect into the following settings:

  • Manage Team on Clock-In: this step will prompt the supervisor to clock his/her team members in at the same time, or do it automatically. The default is Off, which means that each user will need to be clocked in manually.
  • Manage Team on Clock-Out: by default the app is set to prompt the foreman to clock team members out, if this is set to Auto, then everyone will be clocked in at the same time that the supervisor clocks out, and setting it to Off will require the supervisor to always clock people out manually. This means that if the team leader clocks out without clocking the team members out first, they will remain clocked in.
  • Manage Team on Change Task: this, of course, will change the way that tasks are handled, setting it to Prompt will ask the foreman if the team members should also be switched to the same task that person is changing to, and this will happen every time the task is changed. Using auto will skip the prompt and change everyone at the same time. Off will require each person's task to be changed manually.
  • Manage Team on Break Start: same as above, but this happens when the team leader starts a meal or rest break, the default option is set to off, so each person would need to be sent to break manually.
  • Manage Team on Break End: this works just like on Break Start, but of course, on Break End.

For this example, we will set it as follows:

So, when we are clocking in as a supervisor, if we have some team members we want to clock in, we have to do it manually for each person, so let's do that:

Now, when it's time to start a task, or take a meal break, we have it set to Auto, which means that when we take a break...

...then everyone who was clocked in, will be taken to break automatically:

Same thing will happen when ending said meal period.

Finally, we set the Clock-Out event to Prompt, which means that when we clock ourselves out, the application will ask us if we would like to clock our punched in team members, too:

And that's it! You can play around with the different options to see what fits your company the best, or ask us any questions so we can guide you and recommend the best of these useful combinations for your needs.

Until next time!

--Econz Team

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