Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Weekly Employee Time Card With Answers Report

Going hand in hand with the Custom Premium Pay Questions, today we are going to show you an excellent report you can use to your advantage: The Weekly Employee Time Card With Answers Report.

This report bears some similarities to the Employee Time Card By Week Report, so this means you will be able to generate a PDF with your custom logo and have a beautiful, printable version of the end of day questions your employees have answered, along with their signatures.

The report can be found by going to the Reports tab and selecting "Weekly Employee Time Card With Answers Report", which can be found in the Customer Reports section:

Then, filter the report according to the date, users and teams that you need and finally click the "Generate PDF Report". Here is a sample of what the report look like:

Click on the image to enlarge

We are very proud to bring this excellent report to you and hope you can get the best out of it and make your company more productive, at the same time that you are keeping track of your employee's time, attendance and correct breaks and meal periods.

Until next time!

--Econz Team

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