Friday, March 9, 2018

New Feature: Changing Home Screen Labels on the Application

We have recently implemented a nice new feature that will allow you to make Timecard GPS even more your own.

When employees normally launch the application, they would see the default labels "Clock In", "Start Break", "Change Task" and "View History", but now you are able to use your own labels and customize it to make it more meaningful for your staff.

This is what the default application will show at the start of the day:

This is what you will see when you are clocked in:

And this is what is shown while you're on break:

Let's go ahead and make some changes! First, go to the Administration tab and find the option called "Update Phone Labels" in the Advanced section:

Next, type in your own labels, here are some examples, just to give you an idea:

Note that these fields are optional, so you can leave some of them blank if you wish to keep the default labels.

Click on "Save" when you're done. Next, go to the app and hit Menu (the gear icon) and then Connect. When you tap on any of the icons, you will notice these will change, so here you have them in the same order as shown above. First, the main screen when you are clocked out:

Then, when you are clocked in:

And finally, when you are on break:

We hope you like this feature and it helps you make our application more user friendly and customized according to your needs.

--Econz Team

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