Wednesday, March 28, 2018

New Feature: GPS Based Tasks

Have you every wanted the application to show only tasks that are within a radius from where your employees are? Well, we have listened to your wishes and here we present you this wonderful new feature, GPS Based Tasks.

The first requirement is to upload your tasks with addresses, since these are going to be used to compare to the employees' current location.

Once you got that, then the rest is done within the application.

First, let's take a look at the list of tasks with this setting disabled, the employee would clock in as normal and see this:

That is the full list of tasks. But what happens if you have thousands of tasks but want to limit the list to just the ones they are close to? Here is where it starts getting interesting... Open the Menu in the main screen and select Settings:

Once in the Settings, open the Menu again and select "Extras":

Notice at the bottom of the screen the option called "Only See Jobs Within". If you tap on its dropdown menu, you will be able to select either Miles or Kilometers to enable the GPS Based Tasks.

For this example, we are going to select "Miles". This will enable a space where you can type the radius (we want it to be 0.25 miles for now). You can also choose to hide any jobs that have no coordinates (this means jobs that were uploaded without any addresses), and finally, you can also set the amount of minutes that have to pass so the location is refreshed, which will update the tasks list.

When you go back, you can open the Menu and select Connect or open the tasks list and tap the Refresh icon on the top right (the icon with two circular arrows). Notice how the app will attempt to update your current location:

Now, when you try to clock in again (of course this will also work while you are clocked in), the tasks list will only show jobs that are within 0.25 miles:

You can adjust the radius according to your needs and this will affect how many tasks you can see:

Leave any questions you might have in the comments section, we hope you get the best out of this new feature!

--Econz Team

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