Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Feature: Searching and Adding Team Members

There might come the time when your supervisor is out on the field with his/her team and you need to have additional staff sent to that location. It could be someone that doesn't belong to that team but still needs to be clocked in.

This can be easily accomplished without the need to assign that person through the Administrator portal, the supervisor will only need to follow this quick guide!

First open the Menu and select "Team Clock In/Out". Once in here you will be at the screen where you can clock team members in.

Open the Menu again and you will find an option called "Add":

Once you tap "Add", you will be asked to enter the employees Device ID. Make sure to contact your Manager to get this information, or you can also ask us in Customer Support.

Enter the device ID, tap on Add and you will get a confirmation screen. If you are confident that it's the addition you want to make, tap on Add again:

The employee will be added to the list of Team Members, so now you can tap the user's name and clock him/her in as you would normally do:

Keep in mind that the user won't be added to your team permanently unless this is done by an Administrator.

Let us know if you have any questions, we hope you like this new addition!

--Econz Team

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