Friday, May 14, 2021

Requesting for Reasons for Lunch Not Taken

Hello everyone! Today's post will go over a very useful feature that companies can use to document whenever employees are not able to take a Meal Period after a specific amount of time. With this, they will be asked by the application to type their own reason and this will be emailed to the contact configured for the Manager assigned to that task. Please make sure to go over our previous related posts to learn about how to configure the Worker Monitoring Rules for Premium Pay, as these are a pre-requisite to enable this new functionality, as well as more details on the different user types.

With that being said, let's go over the new stuff! First, make sure that you have setup a task with the corresponding Manager who would oversee any activity and timesheets related to that task. In this example, we have our user "BerlinOps" configured in the Task Owner/Manager field:

You also need to make sure that this user has an email configured in the Email field. You can do this by finding that profile within the "Manage Users" section in the Administration tab:

Then, simply go back to the existing rule, for that, go to the Administration tab and select "Rules, Action and Fences" within the "Advanced" section. On the next screen, find "Worker Monitoring", which will take you to all the rules you have created in your account.

In our example, we have the following "1st Meal Period" rule, which we'll be editing:

Then, tick the checkbox for "Provide Reason":

Doing that, will prompt the users to type their own reason for not taking a lunch, or taking it late after the total minutes that the rule is for:

After the user enters that reason, then the Manager will get an email notification with the reason the  user typed:

That's it! As you can see, it's very easy to setup and a really powerful tool to keep control of everything that is happening out in the field.

If you needed any help setting this up, let us know in the comments section or contact our Customer Support team and we'll gladly assist you.

--Econz Team

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