Friday, May 28, 2021

Update to GPS Based Tasks

Hello everyone!

After hearing the valuable feedback our customers have provided us, we have decided to make an update to one of our most interesting features called GPS Based Tasks, which enables employees to have an updated tasks list depending on a radius around their current location.

With this update, the setup has been moved from the application to the Administrator Portal, making it even easier to configure the radius for the whole company at once! For this, just go to the Administration tab and access "Preferences". Then, look for the option called "Job Show Radius":

In this field, you will be able to configure the size of the radius in miles, so that any tasks that have addresses or coordinates are shown on the employees' devices depending on their current location.

Note that you can tick the option for "Hide on Missing Coord" in case you want to hide any tasks that don't have addresses or coordinates.

Then, all that your mobile staff would need to do is hit Menu/Connect before selecting a Task to update their current Task List. Here is an example with the full Tasks List, having this setting disabled:

Then, we go ahead and set the radius to 0.5 miles:

After doing Menu/Connect on Timecard GPS, we see that the list of tasks has been updated to reflect only those which are closest, which of course are fewer than before:

Let's say we now want to make the radius a bit larger, so we go back to Preferences and set it to 1.2 miles:

Then we go back to the application and hit Menu/Connect one more time, and as we can see, more tasks will appear based on the bigger area:

Let us know if you have any questions or comments down below!

--Econz Team

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