Friday, July 9, 2021

Appending or Replacing SmartFences using a CSV File

In a previous post, we had learned how to use a CSV file to upload a list of SmartFences, how they could be either circular or polygonal and that we could gather a list of each of the coordinates that would draw the complete shape of the irregular fence.

Today, we will see how we can use this same functionality with a new option that we included to append or replace existing SmartFences.

This is the current list of fences that we have at the moment:

If we click on the "Upload Smart Fence CSV File" button, we will be able to get to the upload screen. Here we have our file ready (called smartfences.csv), and we have selected the "Append" option, then we click on Upload:

We will get the confirmation screen to review if the SmartFences we are uploading have all the correct information:

Finally, after confirming, they will be added to the full list:

If we wish to replace the existing list with a whole new one, then we only need to click on the Replace option instead:

We will get the following message warning us that using this option will delete all the existing fences:

Then, after choosing our file and clicking on Upload, we will get the confirmation screen; if everything looks good, we can click on "Confirm":

The previous fences we had will be deleted and replaced by the new list we just uploaded:

That's all for now! In case you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to leave us a message below.

Until next time!

--Econz Team

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