Friday, July 16, 2021

Creating a PIN for Timesheet Signoff

In this post we will show you a way to create a PIN that you can use to access the Timesheet Signoff within the Timecard GPS application. This is very useful for companies that handle complex passwords for user profiles or have managers in charge of setting up the devices instead of the employees. This feature makes things easier so that field workers can set their own, easy to remember PIN.

For this, start at the Home Screen and tap on the gear icon on the top right to access the Settings:

Once there, tap on the three-dots icon on the top right to set additional options and choose "Manage PIN":

You will be asked to verify your password to access the next section, so either get assistance from the manager in charge, or if you know your password, enter it and tap on "VERIFY":

Next, tap the "SET PIN" button:

And finally, create your own PIN and tap on SET PIN to finish.

Next time that you are signing your timesheets, you will be able to enter either your profile password or PIN as desired, whichever one makes more sense to you!

We hope you like this little time saver, let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.

--Econz Team

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