Friday, October 29, 2021

New Report: iSolved Integration Report

Hello everyone, we are very pleased to share with you the first stage of our integration with the iSolved HCM Workforce Management Solution, always looking to improve our system, add new ways for it to communicate with other systems and help you, our valuable customer, to reach your company goals.

This report requires a bit of additional setup to populate the "Employee #", "Branch" and "Division" columns. First we go to the Administration tab and select "Manage Web Only Custom Fields":

Then, we scroll down to find the "Field Device Custom Fields" section:

And then we add our three fields, "Employee #", "Branch" and "Division". For these you only need to enter the Field Name, and leave the default fields, that is making them editable and text as the field type, then we click "Save" at the bottom:

For each field you will be asked to add it to the existing objects, make sure to select Yes so the employees' profiles are updated with them, as we will fill them out in the next step:

Then, we need to access the Field Worker's tab and update these newly added fields on each profile, according to your company's setup. Note the highlighted fields at the bottom:

Once the setup is complete, we can go to the Reports tab and look for the "iSolved Integration Report" within the "Accounting and Payroll/Integration" section:

And here is the final result once we generate the report:

Click on image to enlarge

That's it for the moment! Stay tuned because this is only the first part, our team is working hard at this moment to bring you something else related to iSolved, but we'll leave that for next time...

--Econz Team

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