Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Expanded Timecard Task Event and Location Report

Hello everyone,

Today we want to talk about one of our most recently incorporated reports, the Expanded Timecard Task Event and Location Report. This one is sort of a combination of the Timecard Event Report and the Timecard Task Event and Location Report.

When you generate it, you will notice the inclusion of four new columns:

  • Start Event ID
  • Start Break Event ID
  • End Break Event ID
  • End Event ID

These columns will provide you with the information of the ID associated to each of the events gathered from the device by the employees, which can be used to create an upgraded costing analysis for your field jobs that can be used with the integration software of your preference.

Compared to the Timecard Event Report, which created a new row for each event, this one summarizes all events related to a specific entry, so whenever you start, end a task and/or take a break in between, the event IDs for each will be shown on their corresponding column and row:

Click on image to enlarge

As with most of the reports, you can generate it online or export it into a CSV file using the date range, user and team filters of our choice.

We hope you get the best out of this report, let us know if you have any questions or comments down below!

--Econz Team

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