Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Bereavement Code for Timesheets

Hello everyone, today we are picking up on a subject that we had previously talked about, so now we are adding something new to it, the addition of Bereavement Codes for timesheets.

This feature is intended to be used for the cases where an employee has had the unfortunate passing away of a family member and the company provides bereavement leave for their staff. Since this is a feature that works together with a software integration, some additional setup is required; you can visit our previous post linked above to learn more about it.

Now, let's go over the steps on how to use it; first, we would find an employees timesheet that needs approval, we can do this by logging in with the appropriate user type and going to the Administration tab, then selecting "Approve Timesheets":

Then, find the timesheet that needs to be approved, and right below the detail for the hours, you will find the "Pay Code Entries" section. Use the "Select paycode" dropdown menu to choose the right code for this specific case. In our example we are using "BRV" for Bereavement. Also, it's out company policy that an employee can use up to three work days for this leave, so we are going to input 24 hours, which means 8 hours per day:

"Click on image to enlarge"

Once we are done entering the code and the amount of hours, we can click the "Add" button to proceed:

Just like on previous entries that use this type of integration, this codes will be added to the payroll system that Econz connects with.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments, that's it for now, we will be back very soon with more news!

--Econz Team

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