Friday, June 2, 2023

New User Type: the Junior Office Admin

Hello everyone! Today we want to tell you about a new user type we have introduced to the list of different access types we provide to Web Portal Users. "Why so many?", you might ask? Well, flexibility is the name of the game. We are always thinking of ways to improve our system and provide as much flexibility to companies as possible, which means bringing different types of administrator rights depending on multiple needs.

Sometimes you may want to have someone just manage timesheets and nothing else. Other times, you want just that but limit the visibility to certain teams or users. We even have an option to assign specific projects to Managers so they can approve timesheets for the projects they oversee, regardless of the team the user belongs to. With these examples, you can see the value of having different access options for different scenarios. It's the same as in an operating system like Linux, where you can manage permissions and ownership for users, groups, and all others to resources such as directories and files; by providing levels of access, you are enforcing a tighter security to your valuable company information.

With that being said, the protagonist to today's tale is the "Junior Office Admin". As the title implies, these are a variant of the Office Admin user type, which, as you might remember, is able to approve timesheets for everyone, even being able to filter exactly whose timesheets they will approve. The main difference, and what makes it "junior" in this scenario, is that this user will not be able to remove users from the system; something that usually requires more rank or responsibility to perform.

Setting it up is very easy! We start by going to the Administration tab and selecting "Manage Users", within the Staff section:

Then, click the "Add New" button on the top left of the screen:

On the next section, you can fill out the information for that person's profile, here is an example:

After you are done and have entered a secure password, click the "Add New" button on the bottom left of the screen:

After that, the profile will have been created and it's ready for use:

That's all for now, stay tuned for more exciting news!

--Econz Team

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