Monday, June 19, 2023

Adding Travel and Slipseat Codes for the Timesheet Approval Process

 Hello everyone! Today we would like to keep building upon the topic of pay codes that go hand in hand with our ADP integration. This time, we want to show you how to add Travel and Slipsear codes so they can be used for the timesheet approval process. As you are probably aware, using different specific codes for timesheets will enable you to create more accurate timesheets and abide by the different regulations depending on your location.

To set this up, we would start by going to the "Approve Timesheets" section within the Administration tab.

On the next step, we need to select the option to submit the timesheet for the employee, please note that this option is only available if the timesheet hasn't been submitted from the application on the device).

Click on image to enlarge

Once the timesheet has been submitted, make sure to select the correct code on the "Pay Code Entries" section, which means SSP for "Slipseat Pay", and TRP for "Travel Pay". Then, you need to select whether it's an amount of dollars or a value of hours. Check out the following examples for both types of values:

SSP code with amount of USD

TRP code with amount of USD

TRP code with amount of Hours

Then, you can approve the timesheet and click the "Save" button to complete it.

You can tick the checkbox and approve all tasks in the timesheet at once.

Then click the "Save" button

That's all for this time, stay tuned for more exciting updates!

--Econz Team

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