Friday, October 13, 2023

Creating Custom Reports

Have you ever wanted to create your own report using the information we have on our system? If you have, now you will be able to do it; you can pick one of the existing reports and customize the columns that will be shown when generated.

We love this feature because it allows for more flexibility and in many cases, there might be some reports that could be perfect, but may have a couple extra columns that you may not need, so doing a couple of easy adjustments may be the key to higher productivity! 

Let's go ahead and see how it works! First we go to the Administration tab and select the option "Define Custom Reports":

Then, click the "Add" button:

You can name it as you wish so that it's meaningful to your company, in this case, we want our report to be called "Quick Location Report". We already like the existing one very much, but want to have a more simplified view for some Managers to have a quick overview without having to scroll over.

Next, we choose within the Report Type options, which will enable the report to be generated either as PDF or CSV files, or generating an HTML version that can be viewed directly from the Timecard portal.

With this feature, you can even add your Organization Logo so that it will be added to the PDF file! After this, you can then select the specific report you want to base yours on and in the next field, select the columns that will be displayed by picking their names, and then clicking the "Add" button.

Once ready, it will look something like this:

After that, save it, and you can go to the Reports tab, and your new report will be found under the "Custom Defined Reports" section:

And that's it! You will now have your own custom report with all the functionality as the predetermined reports we offer with Timecard GPS:

Go ahead and give it a try! We are definitely sure that you will have your own list of custom reports in no time, as we do over here...!

--Econz Team

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