Friday, December 10, 2021

iSolved Bi-Directional Integration

A little while ago we introduced the iSolved Integration Report, which used a CSV export to generate the data that would be later imported into iSolved. Today, we are going to cover how to setup the full fledged bidirectional integration.

The first step is to have our Customer Support team assist with setting up your account and enabling the integration with iSolved. Then, you can go to the Field Workers tab and start pulling your staff members to Econz Timecard. These are the buttons that we will use for this purpose.

When using the "Auto Sync" option, you need to ensure that the integration has been setup with the time zone and the password under the iSolved Integration section, which is done by our Support team. After you click on Auto Sync the system will take you to the Integration logs page in case there are errors with the integration.

Going back to the Field Workers tab, let's now go over the Manual Sync, or the "Sync Workers with iSolved" button on the top right. When you click on it you will be given the option to pull the employee list from iSolved so that you can choose exactly what employees will be enabled in the Field Workers tab. Keep in mind that employees will not be shown there unless they are synchronized individually. Also, you must change the password for the workers in order to sync to the devices.

Just select the Worker Type and Time Zone, tick the checkbox for the users you wish to synchronize, click "Add" and finally click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen:

Click the image to enlarge

Either way you choose, once successful, the employees will be synced and shown in the Field Workers tab:

Once the employees have worked through their pay periods and approved their timesheets, then a Payroll Manager can jump in, approve the timesheet and after that, they will find an option on the bottom right showing a red X showing that the Timesheet has not been synced:

Click on the circular green arrows to complete the process, you will now see a green check mark showing "Synced with Payroll":

After that, the timesheets will have transferred to iSolved:

Don't hesitate to reach out to us in case you are interested in using this integration or have any inquiries!

--Econz Team

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