Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Timecard Checker: New PIN Functionality

In this blog post, we are going to cover a new feature that we have implemented to provide an alternative solution to the way Timecard Checker can be used: clocking in with PIN numbers.

This functionality will enable users to just go the the app, type their PIN number and be automatically logged in to their profiles. To set this up, you need to enable this setting within the Preferences screen in the Administration tab:

Then, the rest is done within the app itself!

When the application is setup and all the profiles are being loaded, first you need to create a PIN number for the "owner" user (the one that enables the checker features and is the one used when setting up the app initially). In this example, it's "OfficeTablet":

You can proceed setting up the users as normal:

After the users are setup, since the PIN number has been created, tap on the owner user again and verify that PIN to enter the profile. Next, open the menu with the gear icon and select "Settings":

Open the menu again and select "Checker config". Once inside that screen, you can enable the first settings according to your company setup (for more information about them, you can click here), but the one option that we need to enable to complete the proper setup is the last button "Hide user list":

When the user list is hidden, the app will now show a dial button which employees can now select to enter their PIN numbers:

After this, they can proceed as normal and clock themselves in! Notice how by using the PIN number functionality, they no longer need to search for their names from the list of users.

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--Econz Team

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