Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Timesheet Signoff: General Manager Approval

Some organizations need to have more than one level of approval. Sometimes employees work on multiple projects which are under different managers' supervision and different people need to approve those timesheets. In those cases, it's very likely that there is someone who acts as an overseer of all of the worked projects and this person needs to review and approve all of the timesheets that other Project Managers have approved. We call this user General Manager.

To enable this functionality, go to the Administration tab, specifically the Preferences within the Basic section, then find the option "Enable General Management Timesheet" and proceed to check the box:

Then, to create a General Manager user that can take advantage of this functionality, go back to the Administration tab, but this time, select "Manage Users" inside the Staff section:

The process is pretty simple, just click on the "Add New" button:

Then, set these fields following the example below:

  • User Type: use General Manager.
  • TimeZone: set it to your correct time zone.
  • LoginID: this is the user part of the credentials that the manager will login with.
  • Name: here goes the name of the user.
  • New/Confirm Password: this is the other part of the credentials, make sure to use a secure password for this.
  • Language: make sure to set this to the appropriate language you want the web portal to be displayed with.
Then click the "Add New" button:

The General Manager's role starts once the timesheets have been approved by a Payroll Admin, Operations Manager or any of the other user types that can approve timesheets. In this example, we can confirm that the timesheets have already been reviewed and approved by each of the responsible managers:

Then, the General Manager would log in with the credentials we created earlier and go to the Administration tab. Then select "Approve Timesheets" inside the Basic section:

The next screen will show an overall view of all the timesheets as follows:

Notice the first four columns on the left, here is the explanation as to what each of them corresponds to:
  • M: this column will be checked if a Manager has approved the timesheet.
  • E: this one is for when the employee has also approved the timesheet.
  • O: by checking any of these fields, the General Manager will approve a timesheet. Note that this will only be available once both the project manager and employee have approved the timesheets, or if the manager has submitted the timesheet manually on behalf of the employee (Dewey Hayes is the example of this in the screenshot above).
  • OR: this will be used to reject a timesheet.
Once the General Manager has reviewed all the available timesheets, that person can check the appropriate boxes and then click on "Approve" at the bottom to save the changes:

And that should be all! Different dedicated reports such as the Timesheet Report or the Timesheet Event Report will also provide details of the General Manager's involvement in the approval process.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments down below.

Until next time!

--Econz Team

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