Friday, April 9, 2021

Timecard Supervisor: Timesheet Approval Guide

As stated in one of our previous articles, Timecard Supervisor now has the ability to approve timesheets for employees without the need to log into the web portal. Today we are going to cover step by step how to use it.

First of all, make sure to setup the user type correctly according to this guide, then to get to the stage where the Supervisor will review and approve timesheets, a full payroll period needs to have passed. This means, that employees that need a timesheet approved by the supervisor will have to do punches in the system, then sign their own timesheets and send them for approval at the end of the pay period, you know, business as usual...

Once an employee signs a timesheet, the Supervisor will get a notification that a timesheet is available to be approved by that specific person:

Now for the fun new part, open the Menu by tapping the top right icon, then select "Supervisor Signoff":

Once you do that, you will be taken to the Approval List screen, where a list with all of the available employees and timesheets will be shown:

Notice that some are shown as "unavailable" and some as "pending". Unavailable means that the employee has no timesheets signed to be approved, so of course, the ones that the Supervisor will need to review are the ones with "pending" status.

The Supervisor will see the timesheet for the configured period, in our example we set it to daily timesheets, so we only see one day at a time. We have made improvements to the look and feel to make it not only more attractive but also much clearer to understand with this payroll view, which will show details of each task that was punched during a specific day.

There will be three different options, which should be familiar for all of those who have used the timesheet approval section in the web portal, these are "Reject", "Approve" and "Edit".

"Reject" will be used when the timesheet needs to have some corrections done by another manager, "Approve" means that everything is OK and those hours are good to be paid by Payroll, and finally "Edit" is to be used when the Supervisor is the one in charge of making adjustments to the timesheets. If you tap on "Edit" you will be given the following confirmation message:

Then, you will see the available punches and the edit button next to them, in this example we are correcting the time from 5:45 AM to 6:00 AM:

(Click to enlarge the images)

The foreman will have to provide a reason for which the timesheet was rejected for re-approval to keep it on the record and this will cause the timesheet to be sent back to the employee so that he/she can sign it again and repeat the process until the hours are successfully approved:

If you were to approve a timesheet, just tap on the "Approve" button and confirm in the next message screen:

Doing that will result in the timesheet no longer being in "pending" status:

The application also has the ability to show the History of the timesheets the supervisor has worked on, just tap on "History" on the top right of the screen and that should take you to this section, where you can tap on any of the entries and review the timesheets for that specific individual and day:

That's it for now, let us know if you have any questions below.

--Econz Team

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