Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Updates to the Leave Form

Hello everyone, we are back here with a quick update! This is a topic we had covered before in a couple of previous posts where we discussed the ability of our application to aid employees in requesting vacation and sick days. Originally, we only had Annual Leave and Sick Leave as the available options, but since we are always looking for ways to make our system better, more flexible and efficient for our customers, we have now updated the options available.

First, open the app menu on the top right of the screen and select "Manage Schedule":

Then, you will see the options "Schedule" (which, we will talk about in a future post), and "Leave Forms", which is the one we need to select:

Once inside, you will see three options; “Vacation Leave”, “Holiday Leave” and “Sick Leave”:

The request and approval process is the same as before, but having more specific options allows organizations to be more detailed in their payroll and also for employees to be more concise as to what kind of absence is going to take place.

Keep your eyes open for more exciting future updates!

--Econz Team

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